How to save $$$ on new car keys without going to the dealership.

You will likely run into sticker shock when you call the dealership to get a quote. Not to mention the additional cost and hassle of having your vehicle towed to the dealership! Few consumers are aware that there are a growing number of independent locksmiths that can come to you to cut and program a new set of car keys/remotes for a fair price, avoiding the hassle and added towing expense. Those that are aware and blindly search the web for a solution, may unfortunately fall victim to scammers who advertise on the internet and reel you in for a low price quote but double or triple the price once they arrive to render service.
Be sure to verify a locksmith’s credentials BEFORE ordering service.  Always select a known, well established, licensed locksmith when needing replacement or spare/duplicate car keys. Companies like Pop-A-Lock North Texas will help you with fast, safe car key, lockout and other roadside services by calling 214-342-1880