Make sure your son or daughter has an extra set of car keys when they head off to college.  Have them hide the extra set in a safe place other than their vehicle and that they can easily get to them in the likely prospect of losing their main set of car keys.  This will save both you and them the hassle and expense of getting replacement keys made locally.

One such event happened to a student who lost his car key/remote to his 2008 VW Jetta.  His mother voiced her frustration when she learned that the local dealership had to: (1) Order new keys from dealership over the phone, (2) Wait for dealership to receive keys five days later, (3) Pay to have the car towed to the dealership, (4) Pay dealership to program the car to the new keys. When all was said and done, Mom paid several hundred dollars to have 3 new keys/remotes made for her college student living hours away from home.

Duplicate/spare car keys/remotes are far less expensive to make and can be delivered, cut, and programmed at your home or office.  Having 2 sets with your college student and one at home is the best way ensure minimal frustration and expense.  Call Pop-A-Lock North Texas at 214-342-1880 to schedule service today!